Green Valley Farms is owned and operated by Duce Tallamy, National Outstanding Young Farmer 2012 along with his wife Joy and their family. Green Valley Farms is located in the rolling hills in the northwest corner of Sussex County New Jersey. The farm is family operated with a respect for the land and animals, which in turn leads to responsible stewardship of both. Since 1996 Green Valley Farms has practiced sustainable agriculture, it is with great care that the land is farmed. Currently all of the 250 acres are in full production including diversified fruits and vegetables, sweet corn, pumpkins, cut flowers, hay field, corn field, timber, and of course green pastures. Green Valley Farms also enjoys Christmas on the farm offering Christmas trees and handmade decorations during the winter months. Green Valley Farms also proudly presents our annual PRCA Rodeo at the farm.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, “Natural Beef is beef that is minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients”. At Green Valley Farms, we pride ourselves in raising cattle. Our cattle are bred and raised on the farm, giving us a calf crop every spring in return. These genetics provide excellent hybrid vigor and consistency for our superior beef products. We provide the highest quality beef products by growing beef cattle that are raised without the use of additional growth hormones or the use of antibiotics. We raise our cattle on a healthy farm environment; our cattle enjoy a natural diet of quality grains and forages. These cattle are pasture grown and natural “grain finished”. Our beef is aged to perfection for your family; you will taste the “Green Valley” difference.

Duce Tallamy – New Jersey 2012 Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year

Read MoreIn addition to this honor he was also chosen as one of ten finalists to go Nationally in February to Springdale Arkansas, where the chose 4 National finalists.  Duce again was honored as being named one of the four top National Outstanding Young Farmers.

Duce & Joy TallamyThere is something unique about all our farmers across the nation, and my wife and I were privileged to experience this during the 2012 national OYF finals.  The honor of being named one of the four national OYF finalists is difficult to put into words, the emotions felt are from how could they pick us among our piers to being very proud of my family and the important role we have within the ag community. 

I believe we are called by God to do our absolute best with what we have been given, and I feel privileged to have been recognized for this at a national level.  This program is great encouragement for young farmers in New Jersey and nationally, as an example of how each farm family can make a positive impact in their local communities and abroad.  Agriculture today requires commitment to the land, water and cattle we are stewards of, so we can pass this on tomorrow in better condition than we found it. 

For my wife Joy and I, Faith, Family & Farming (in that order) have become our life long journey as young farm operators and has proved to be rewarding in many ways.

Duce Tallamy