Buy your food directly from the farm.  Enjoy a relationship with the farmer and his family.  See the fields where your food is grown and connect with the land.  Green Valley can provide you with the freshest farm eggs, all natural beef, pork, fresh picked vegetables and cut flowers.  Buy Fresh…..Buy Local!

General Store Goods:

  • Preserves – Fresh jams and canned goods.eggs
  • Baked daily – Pies and Breads.
  • Eggs – Free range chickens on quality grain
  • Apple cider (in season).



Over 50 varieties of homegrown products.IMG_6174
Sussex county’s best sweet corn – picked fresh daily.

  • U-pick strawberries
  • Fresh blueberriesSweet Corn
  • Jersey fresh tomatoes
  • Jersey peaches
  • Fall harvest of apples, winter squashes, pumpkins and gourds









Flowers and Flower arrangements

We cut flowers and create arrangement for wedding, showers or any occasion. You can also pick your own flowers or order over the phone.

We have Sunflowers, Zinnias, Snap Dragon, Hearty Mums (Fall) and too many more to list here. Call today for more info – (973) 875-5213


Green Valley Sampler for $75.00

(approx. 10 lbs)

Round RoastIMG_1526

Sirloin Steak

2 Delmonico Steaks

4 pack Ranch Burgers

Ground beef

Steak Lovers Delight for $155.00

(approx. 10 lbs)

4 – Delmonico Steak

4 – NY Strip Steak

2 – SirloinsIMG_2688

2 – London Broil

2 – Filet Mignon

Ground Beef Bundle for $110.00

20 – 1lbs packages of Ground Beef

Green Valleys Deluxe for $259.00

(approx. 30 lbs)

4 – Delmonico Steaks

4 – NY Strip Steak

2 – London BroilIMG_3193

2 – Roast (Eye or Round)

6 – packs stew meat

1 – Sirloin Steak

2 – 4 packs of ranch burgers

8 – packs ground beef

NOTE: Prices subject to change due to market values.