Green Valley Farms Market & Creamery

Green Valley Farms Market & Creamery is located on 588 Route 6 & 209 in Milford, Pennsylvania. It is GVF’s newest addition. Inside of our store we have, Amish Style roll butter, fresh baked goods, jarred goods, packaged goods (example: dried fruits, candies, nuts, soup mix, fudge,and so, so much more!!). We also have farm fresh milk, home made Ice Cream, our ALL NATURAL Beef & Pork, Our Farm Fresh eggs, and more! In the Summer months we also have fresh fruits and vegetables. In the fall we carry the fall produce and lots and lots of pumpkins and gourds! In the winter we sell Christmas trees, gift baskets, and other Christmas decor! Please take a look at the photos below, than take a drive over and check it out! Also, please pass on to your friends and family! We love to see new customers, and our regulars. Thank you 🙂

**OPEN NOW: 9 AM – 9 PM**